Using SMS banking, customer can perform the non financial transactions through mobile equipment by sending an SMS in prescribed format to the current SIM number of the Bank. The features that are currently being implemented are given hereunder.

    a. Account balance

    b. Mini Statement

    c. Cheque status

The customer needs to send SMS message to Bank SIM number '9619141566' in the format as given hereunder. The details marked under < > are to be entered by the customer. < SMSPWD > is the password set by the customer and < A/C NUMBER > is the account number of the customer.

Sr .No. Facility SMS the keyword given below to 9619141566
1. Account balance DENRBAL < SMSPWD > < A/C NUMBER >
2. Mini Statement DENRTRAN < SMSPWD > < A/C NUMBER >

Process of registration for SMS Banking

Currently, all the customers of CBS branches who are users of Internet Banking facility can avail this facility. The registration process is given hereunder:

    a.    If the customer is currently availing internet banking facility, the customer needs to submit a letter in the specified format to the branch stating that the customer is an internet banking user and wants to avail SMS banking facility. In the letter the customer has to mention the customer id and mobile number. For other customers, they need to download the internet banking application form and specify in the application form that they want to avail Internet Banking & SMS Banking facility.

    b.    The customer has to login to internet banking facility and has to access the menu SET SMS PASSWORD under CUSTOMIZE menu option to set the password that the customer will be using to avail the SMS Banking facility.

    c.    On setting the password the customer can avail the SMS banking facility. The response will be received on the mobile number of the customer.


Currently this service is free of cost.

You have to login to internet Banking to use this facility. Click here to login to Internet banking.